Timber Windows.

The Clear Choice.

We revel in natural light, but how much heat will you lose?

The amount of natural light entering our homes and buildings is a key consideration in their design and our appreciation of those spaces. Yet if the same care is not taken to consider the thermal performance of those spaces, that light can come at a significant cost.

Of all the aspects of your build to consider, the type and quality of windows you choose can have an enormous impact. While windows afford us a visual link to outside as well as allowing light and air into a space, that same link comes at a cost to us in comfort, energy and in the end – cash.

Natural Beauty.

Reduced Heat Loss.

Choosing quality windows can reduce heat loss by over 50%

No self-respecting engineer would construct a dam with dozens of holes in it. Yet this is a perfect analogy of the thermal performance of code minimum windows in code minimum walls. Doing the maths, those windows can be as low as 13% of the performance of the wall they are housed in, creating a massive hole for heat to flow out of.

What does that mean for the thermal performance of your house? Colder mornings, condensation, and higher heating bills. Check out our design guide for more information on all of these.

Local. Versatile.


Our timber windows are locally produced, versatile, and customisable to your project, budget, and taste.

Here are a few key things to know and there are many more details included in our downloadable brochure.

  • Our timber windows are not constrained to a die profile.
  • We can accommodate a wide range of glazing suites to suit your budget and climate.
  • For a character build, we can customise mouldings and sashes to perfectly complement your project.
  • All of our windows are manufactured to the Joinery Manufacturers Federation details and NZS 4211, then tagged for compliance before leaving the factory.

By investing in our quality, customisable timber windows for your home or building, you will be rewarded with natural beauty, all-season comfort, and savings each and every year.

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Fill out the form to download our brochure for examples of window types, materials, wood species, and many excellent charts about thermal value to help you make the best choice. Or, enquire about your specific project. As always, we are happy to guide you through the selection process to bring your project to light.